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Jesus for President by Shane Claiborne and Chris Haw (pages 40 – 41)

“God tells history through the lives of the prophets. The prophets can make and unmake kings. Sometimes they have enormous popular support, and sometimes they are voices in the wilderness. But they are the voice of God whether or not the people listen…The prophets are weird. They set themselves aprt from the normalcy of civilization and its pattern of destruction and war. Their vocation is to interrupt the status quo. They are set apart as a sign for all of Israel that they too are to be unlike the nations. The biblical prophets were always doing wild things–stunts, pranks, and miracles that exposed and unveiled truth. Moses turned a staff into a snake. Elijah hit a rock and fire came out of it, and he brought down fire on an altar. Jeremiah wore a yoke to symbolize imperial captivity. (He was eventually arrested.) John the Baptist ate locusts and made clothes out of camel skin. They stripped naked, ate scrolls, wore sackcloth, and lay on the ground outside of city gates. Ezekiel pulled off a protest in the nude and staged a prophetic stunt that involved cooking with poop…”