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Being bound by a restraining order is just one of the indignations I suffer as a result of my attempt to use the law and justice to win a battle for the meek against money, position, and power. Therefore, if you want to yell, “Hey, be more specific!” keep in mind that I can’t, lest I end up in the poor house with “the man” leaning against the building with his arms crossed across his chest and a wickedly satisfied smile across his face.

I am, believe it or not, one who is terrified of conflict. I was always taught, as a child, as a military spouse, and also as a woman living in the deep rural south, that you should be nice and not rile things up. Don’t argue, try to find compromise, give the other guy the benefit of the doubt. Don’t raise your voice, don’t show your anger, be sweet and smile. “Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth.” Matthew 5:5, Bible, NIV. This time, however, I’d had more than enough of a situation and the perpetrator, and I was going to use the governmental system to get what was rightfully mine. I would do all this with honesty and integrity, for that is who I am. I’m the good girl who follows the rules, does what’s right, and expects her just rewards. (I have been re-evaluating that stance recently, however. Another day, another post.)

So, the sterilized, short story…
Got a new job. Was thrilled – for a couple of weeks. Then the true colors of the employer came out – they weren’t pretty. I knew that I was not going to be there long. I knew that I’d end up quitting or being fired. I documented as much as possible and collected a good bit of evidence (all legally) to prove to the unemployment compensation commission that I was in the right and the employer was in the wrong. As I expected, my unemployment claim was denied after the employer fought it. So I hired an attorney and appealed the decision. Due to the incompetence of the attorney that represented me in the appeal hearing, I was denied again after the appeal. But wait, that’s not the “best” part!

The evidence that I produced to my attorney was produced only for use in this government hearing. It was summarized for the employer and the hearing official in a process known as discovery. For reasons I still do not understand, the hearing official (part of the government of the state) wouldn’t allow its use during the hearing. Thus, the evidence never made it into the hearing in its full form. Therefore, my whole case was lost because my case was based on this not-allowed evidence. BUT, and here comes the good part, THE EMPLOYER SUED ME AFTER THE HEARING BECAUSE I HAD POTENTIALLY DAMAGING EVIDENCE WHICH COULD CAUSE HIM LAWSUITS BASED ON UNETHICAL BEHAVIOR. I was sued for $25,000.00 (that’s about one year of my salary, if I was working again), for damages and was served an injunction and restraining order. Yep, that’s right. The guy with the money, the high priced attorneys, and the power of position and name recognition did wrong but was able to stop me, the little guy who was doing everything right, from getting the benefits I deserved and then turned around and sued me to prevent his wrongdoings from being exposed. I had no money for another attorney. I was unemployed and had no where to turn, because I could not discuss any of this evidence because I was under a restraining order…

I was able to get out of all of this by destroying all of my evidence, letting a forensic computer person go through my computer to be sure I didn’t have any of the evidence left on my computer, and by signing a court order stating I would never disclose the details or talk badly about the employer ever to anyone. (As an aside, how does sterilizing my PC prove that all the evidence was destroyed? I personally think it was just another twist of the knife that the employer had stuck in my gut!)

Now, I am jobless and, being in a little town, am struggling against the economy and the fact that, in the industry in which I work, I can no longer get a job because I have a dark cloud over my head. And all this to fight for what was right and just.

I’ve been asked by younger people who know that I oppose many things in my heart that have to do with government, politics, religion, etc. why I don’t fight for the change I want to see. This is the reason.
Evidence against employer became his key to victory.